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Search Engine Optimization Marketing

SEO for short, is the process of improving visibility (ranking) on search engine resuts pages (SERPs).  Top results have higher click thru rates.  The top spot can get upwards of 40%, number 2 spot potentially gets up to 20%, number 3 - 11%, number 10 - no more than 6% and second page results very rarely get clicked.  We can help you rank better for multiple keyword searches.

Social Media Marketing

SMM for short, is the process of using Web 2.0 sites to connect with your target audience (followers).  Web 2.0 sites include Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.  Hundreds of Millions of people use social media sites daily.  This makes it easy for business owners to get their message in front of their target audience quickly, easily and affordably.

Reputation Management

SERM for short, is the process of proactively monitoring and improving your consumer (and competitor) generated negative content.  SERM is about controlling what information users will see when they search for information about a company or person.  We can help you monitor and improve your online reputation.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing includes SMS marketing (short message service or text messaging) and marketing thru mobile optimized websites.  With the prolitheration of smart phones, mobile marketing has the most explosive growth. Currently only 1% of businesses have mobile optimized websites and even less use text messaging to reach their target audience.

About Integr8ted Marketing

Integrated Marketing believes the most profitable marketing campaigns integrate mobile marketing and internet marketing campaigns with traditional mass media marketing campaigns.

We use  intelligent marketing strategies, proven internet marketing techniques and cutting edge technologies to help businesses  develop, manage and optimize digital assets and internet marketing campaigns for maximum ROI.

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