Digital Marketing – Affordable Internet Marketing Opportunities

Hello, My Name is Bill Cassidy and I want to welcome you to my digital marketing website.

I made this brief video above to tell you about a few digital marketing opportunities as a business owner you can affordably take advantage of for increased leads, sales and profits.

Who I am And Why Your Should Care

First I want to tell you who I am and why you should even listen to me.

Again, My name is Bill Cassidy and I’m an internet marketing consultant.

I’ve been doing online work for several years now and have helped many local business owners, like yourself, increase their online visibility by developing, managing, promoting and optimizing their compelling marketing messages and digital campaigns. 

  • I know what’s working now because I keep up with the latest marketing trends and events.
  • I track and test, buy and read all the marketing systems, courses, news and software I can afford and I regularly monitor my peer’s campaigns.
  • Also I believe strongly in honesty and fair play.

Digital Marketing Opportunities

Before I get to the opportunities I want you to know what was really important to me was to provide high quality, affordable digital marketing services and content that almost every business owner could use to increase, leads, sales and profits.

So, I’ve designed this website and my services to reflect the biggest and best digital marketing opportunities.

Most of my peers would agree that the biggest opportunities that almost every business owner could profit from are local, mobile, SEO and social marketing.  Social Marketing would include Video Marketing as well as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

We would also have to point out that reputation management is also critical to online success.

If you develop, maintain and optimize a digital presence using proven marketing techniques in these disciplines, I would believe that you would dramatically
 increase your business.

If you don’t have a website optimized for local search terms, a website optimized for mobile device users, Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts with quality content you are probably losing money to your competitors that do.

If you have print ads, pay service magicians or yellow companies, do not have one profitable campaign for your business including your website, don’t know what Google Plus Local, backlink anchor text or squeeze page is then you should probably contact me ASAP.

You are definitely missing out and losing money!

The information on this website can help you overcome these issues and in some cases just a few tweaks could be the difference in a campaign being profitable or not.

You can use the information on this site to optimize your campaigns by yourself or you can ask me any questions using the contact form or just give me a call. I’m here to help.  This is my job! So, don’t be shy.

I would love help and it’s OK if you don’t.  Maybe another time.

If you are not sure if you need help or what to do, I’m offering a free online business evaluation that will help you get started. Just complete and send the free business evaluation form to my left.

To emphasize or state a little differently, if you don’t have at least one website optimized for search engines, local and mobile, little to no social presence, marketing videos and don’t know what people are saying online about your business than you should get started today.

Currently, I’m offering some great deals on complete digital marketing campaigns.

Again, fill out the form to the left or give me a call.

Thanks for your time and interest and I look forward to talking with you.

Now get started developing your own digital marketing campaigns!